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NJ Safe & Sound - NJ Safe and Sound


For Every Person, for Every Family —
Protection Under the Law from the
Psychological Abuse of Undue Influence and Predatory Alienation

Video Presentation: Undue Influence 101

Part 2:
Understanding Undue Influence: Manipulation and Coercive Persuasion

Welcome to the video presentation of Undue Influence 101: A Framework for Understanding Thought Control, a panel organized by NJ Safe & Sound.

Many people in government, law enforcement, education, the media, the clergy, and mental health and other helping professions, and even many affected family members do not understand the role of undue influence in abusive relationships and destructive groups — how it violates human rights at every level of society, destroys families, and contributes to crime.

There is a definite process by which people can be convinced to surrender their ability to think critically, suppress their own identity, and cut themselves off from those they previously trusted and loved. Steve Hassan, director of Freedom of Mind Resource Center, explains the difference between constructive and destructive influence, and the elements of his BITE model of control.

Part 1: The Multiple Faces of Undue Influence

Part 2: Understanding Undue Influence: Manipulation and Coercive Persuasion

Question-and-Answer Session